Age-related macular degeneration

About the Project

Age-related macular degeneration affects over 10 million Americans, twice the number affected by Alzheimer’s disease and equal to the total of all cancer patients combined. AMD is multifactorial, driven by both genetic and environmental factors. Despite being the first disease successfully studied by GWAS, it is still unknown how the GWAS findings can be translated into therapeutic targets. There is an urgent need to collect and analyze retinal cells from human eyes to advance our understanding of AMD. In collaboration with Dr. Dwight Stambolian and collaborators at the University of Alabama and the Alabama Eye Bank, we are studying single-cell transcriptomic variations in human eyes. We hope to provide a detailed characterization of human retinal cell atlas and novel insights into cell-type-specific functions that can power precision therapeutic targeting of AMD. This project is funded by the NIH R01EY030192 and the Macula Vision Research Foundation.

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Human Disease Studies